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  MU Report
Cut Order Planning to help you save material!
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Screen Shots
Tailored-clothing cut order quantities display
Roll-over image: Uniform cut order quantities display
Here are just some of the user interfaces that we have designed for our customers.

Move your mouse over each image to see a second screen shot (roll-over image).
Pant marker library
Roll-over image: Cut order pattern/width/fabric/range screen

Some of our customers maintain marker libraries in 3rd party marker software that CUTPLAN can access directly (no marker data needs to be keyed in). Trying all combinations of these existing markers and sophisticated marker reuse/creation decision-making means unbeatable solutions that save fabric, marked bundles, and cut bundles.
Suit and coat detailed solution criteria screen
Roll-over image: Suit and coat solution display screen
Your specific manufacturing costs and preferences will be hard-coded into CUTPLAN so the operator only needs to hit the "Solve" button to create a spread plan (CUTPLAN QuickSolve mode).

We also offer a Details mode as shown in this screen shot, where the user can modify the default solution preferences for each garment on the fly.
Reporting and data export screen
Roll-over image: Screen for creating cuts from contracts
CUTPLAN will produce whatever printed reports you require, including detailed spread sheets, marker-making reports, and fabric roll pick lists.

CUTPLAN will also create the instruction files for common marker making software so the marker names and sizes do not have to be entered manually into the marker making software.

File exports to corporate systems and database connectivity tools (for SQL Server, Excel, Access, Foxpro, etc) are also available.
Sportswear solution modification screen
Roll-over image: Tailored clothing solution modification screen
With CUTPLAN you design your cut order planning system with whatever level of user control you prefer. These screens let the user review the solution markers, modify section height, cancel fabrics, and much more.

Let us design a CUTPLAN system for you today!!

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Try our software Risk-FREE for 90 days and if you are not completely satisfied... we will refund your investment.
Try our software Risk-FREE
for 90 days and if you are
not completely satisfied...
we will refund your investment.
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