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MATPLAN Materials Allocation
MATPLAN - Materials Allocation
From 2007 Customer SurveyGiven access to the materials inventory, CUTPLAN’s materials allocation module - MATPLAN can achieve even greater material savings by determining the specific inventory stock and/or remnants to use for each cut.  Considering current inventory, MATPLAN looks at all possible options for each cut order and prepares pick lists that will result in the most efficient cutting process. It will also tell you exactly where and how to cut the materials in order to achieve those savings.

Specifically, MATPLAN incorporates the following materials allocation features and capabilities:
  • Plan materials allocation to precisely match available inventory to cut order needs
  • Dramatically reduce material waste
  • Automatically incorporate materials inventory data from ERP or other systems
  • Reduce amount of remnant pieces, use up existing remnants quickly
  • Chooses the most reusable remnant, giving preference to the smallest pieces
  • Prepare pick list with material name, location code and sequence number for cutting room floor
  • Prepare lay-up plan listing optimal sequence and height per section
  • Print or send reports to production control, CNC equipment and/or cutting room floor
  • Eliminates inventory complexity and frees-up storage space
  • Offers the operator the ability to override specific material selection
  • Supports customized reporting of material used

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