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Cut Order Planning to help you save material!
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CUTPLAN Industrial Cut Order Planning
CUTPLAN – Industrial Cut Order Planning

AMS continues to provide us with the specific capabilities and custom configuration we need to best optimize our cutting process and enhance our flexibility. - Melvin Davis, Hardwick ClothesFinding the most effective match of efficient nests for a specific cutting order presents a challenge for even the best cut planners. Accounting for the thousands of variables and possible solutions exceeds human capabilities – but not the optimizing capabilities of CUTPLAN.

Leveraging our advanced algorithms, CUTPLAN will automatically simulate all possible combinations of existing and new nests for each cut to find the one that best optimizes your exact production requirements. CUTPLAN is currently saving 2% - 8% of material costs for many top manufacturers by:

  • Automatically creating the optimum cut plan considering specific manufacturing costs, goals, and product characteristics
  • Calculating every aspect of nesting and cutting for maximum material utilization and minimum prep and cutting time
  • Reusing the best nests from your library
  • Creating high-efficiency new markers only when needed
  • Selecting existing materials inventory that can be 100% consumed while also reducing remnants in inventory (FABPLAN - fabric roll allocation)
  • Tracking material utilization across multiple plants by product (MU REPORT)

Specifically, CUTPLAN incorporates the following cut planning features and capabilities:

  • Cut order accumulation and bunching
  • Material cost/cutting cost balancing
  • Automatic generation of efficient nests (NESTPLAN)
  • Section width optimization
  • Custom cutting ticket preparation
  • Sophisticated nest “reuse vs. new” decision-making
  • Save time in cut planning, free-up time for more value-added tasks
  • Plan within material availability by length and width, various stock sizes
  • Full reporting to production control, nesting, and/or cutting room floor
  • Eliminate all manual cutting paperwork
  • Easy updating, viewing and printing of government and other long-term contracts, showing quantities cut and quantities outstanding by month, product, and size
  • Simple generation of cut orders from contracts
  • Maintenance of size range/scale, SKU, and destination data for easy incorporation into cut orders and contracts

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