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Cut Order Planning Saves Material
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Fabric Cutting Solutions
Whether you’re paying $1 or $100 per yard for apparel or other fabrics, the difference between profit and loss is often determined right on your cutting tables. CUTPLAN optimizes cutting orders to utilize the least amount of fabric, maximize cutting heights, minimize the number of bundles, and create the fewest new markers/nests. To achieve these results, CUTPLAN offers software modules for cut order planning , fabric roll allocation, and materials utilization reporting.

CUTPLAN software replaces manual and spreadsheet cut planning methods with an automated PC-based process that guides you from the first step of deciding what to cut all the way through to clearing of the cutting table. CUTPLAN is the leading software solution for manufacturers who cut fabric and other roll goods with costly layout choices. CUTPLAN is a proven cut planning solution that minimizes:

With CUTPLAN and the improved methods that we have developed around it, we have increased our standard marker efficiency from 82.1% to 87.4% - a savings of 5.3% in overall fabric costs. - Jeff Endick, Superior Uniform

CUTPLAN consistently saves us an average of 3% in overall fabric costs. - Melvin Davis, Hardwick Clothes
  • material waste
  • marking/nesting time and costs
  • spreading/lay-up time and costs
  • cutting time and costs
CUTPLAN handles virtually every cutting scenario:
  • fabric and accessory markers
  • single and multiple colors
  • small and large quantity cut orders
  • face-to-face, open-only, mixed, and tubular goods
  • small markers only (1-4 sizes, 1-2, etc)
  • separates markers (coat/pant mixing)
  • single and multiple variation
  • forced remnant markers
  • fixed cutting heights
  • contract cutting
  • ratio markers
  • sample cuts
  • cut-downs
  • over-cuts
  • and more...
Drawing from our extensive cut order planning experience, AMS will custom configure a CUTPLAN solution designed to address your specific manufacturing goals and challenges. CUTPLAN utilizes the latest technology and integration tools to deliver results for your company:

  • PC-based, Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP compatible
  • Integrates easily with popular CAD systems and order processing (ERP) systems
  • Accepts marker data imports from popular marker making systems (Micromark, Accumark, etc)
  • Exports instruction files for markers to be created by CAD systems
  • creates reports and file output to support your current systems
With decades of experience in a wide range of manufacturing environments, we know that each company is unique - that your needs are different from other manufacturers. To guarantee your results, we draw from our broad experience and leverage the flexibility of CUTPLAN options and techniques to meet your specific needs.

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