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CUTPLAN Intelligent Cut Order Planning Software
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Cut Material Costs by 3% or More! Save Time, and Optimize Your Entire Cutting Process!

I Saved on Fabric Costs with Cutplan! - Dave Huffman, HartMarx
Optimizing the Cutting Process is More Important than Ever

In today’s highly competitive global market, manufacturers face constant pressure to reduce costs, offer greater product selection, and deliver products faster. By leveraging low cost labor and factory automation tools, many companies have successfully reduced operating costs. The focus on efficiency has now shifted to raw materials costs, which often account for up to 75% of total product cost in many industry verticals. CAD/CAM systems for nesting/marking and CNC automated cutting equipment have proven effective in increasing the efficiency of the individual cutting operation. But the greatest opportunity for savings in overall time and material costs remains more effectively optimizing the overall cutting process – from order through cutting.

Cut Order Planning Diagram
For decades, AMS has developed customer-specific CUTPLAN software solutions to eliminate the guesswork of traditional manual and spreadsheet cut order planning methods used in fabric and other industrial cutting operations. As product variety increases and order sizes decrease, the number of variables and possible solutions exceeds human capabilities – but not the optimizing capabilities of CUTPLAN software. CUTPLAN guides users through every step of the process – from deciding what to cut to the last step of removing cut parts from the cutting table. CUTPLAN sets the standard for cut order planning software by delivering 2% to 8% overall materials savings by providing discrete manufacturers of all types with personalized, automatic solutions for:
Part Nesting:
optimizes material utilization through efficient part nesting
Part Nesting Optimizes Material Utilization
Cut Order Planning:
optimizes use of nests/markers based on specific order requirements
Cut Order Planning Optimizes use of Nests/Markers
Materials Allocation:
optimizes allocation of materials and remnants from raw materials inventory
Materials Allocation of Materials & Remants
Materials Utilization Reporting:
provides consumption-based costing & performance measurement
Materials Utilization Reporting
Many of the world’s top manufacturers have made CUTPLAN the leader in cut order planning for nearly 30 years. The reason is simple – CUTPLAN utilizes highly advanced algorithms to automatically balance material, cutting prep, and cutting time and costs to optimize their entire cutting operation. AMS can custom-configure a CUTPLAN solution guaranteed to produce results in your cutting room, whether you cut:
Materials Stock Cutting Equipment
Apparel fabrics Coils Blade/knife
Carpet Rolls Laser
Foam Panels Plasma
Home textiles Plates Water jet
Industrial textiles Sheets Wheel
Plywood/fiberboard Other stock Other cutting equipment
Sheet metal    
Other materials    
We invite you to discover our fabric cutting solutions though the product literature, customer case studies, and other resources located on this site, or simply contact us now to discover how CUTPLAN can help you optimize your order-through-cutting process. Learn how you can begin saving time and money today with our convenient
pay-as-you-go pricing and our risk-free 90-day trial offer.

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Try our software Risk-FREE for 90 days and if you are not completely satisfied... we will refund your investment.
Try our software Risk-FREE
for 90 days and if you are
not completely satisfied...
we will refund your investment.
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